After the Debate

You can go to ABC NEWS to read the related stories of the 90 minute debate in Iowa this morning. ABC should be posting the podcast and transcripts of the debate shortly. I will say that Mike Huckabee (as always) was strong, confident and a gentleman.

Currently I am on the phone waiting to sit in on a combined media/blogger conference call with Governor Huckabee. I will attempt to get the details down here.

MH: We will be heading to Sioux City after this phone call. We have moved into a strong 4th position in a new ABC Poll. Right after the debate … Frank Luntz (Fox News), reported from a focus group in Iowa that showed that I won the debate.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank George Stephanopoulos who
did an excellent job in ordering the debate. It was substantive discussion and they did a good job to give all the candidates an opportunity to be heard. They did an excellent job.

Question from Boston Globe: Both Romney and Guiliani were on defensive about abortion. Do you think the republicans can nominate someone not clearly against abortion? And do you doubt Romney’s change in his stance?

MH: I am not going to question his stance. He says he is pro-life and I will not take a cheap shot (which is expected of me). he says he is pro-life and I accept that. The republican party has always won on a strong platform of life, so the question now is do we stay with that platform or move the platform to fit a candidate with a different view? I am pro-life – before a child is born and all throughout life. That is not a view that has ever changed for me.

KARK news – you have attracted some attention from the Club for Growth. What do you think of these recent attacks about your record as Governor of Arkansas?

MH: It is flattering when a DC special interest group pays $85,000 to buy advertising to attack me. This is a group that has faced FEC penalties and is known for not bothering to get their facts straight. (Click HERE and HERE for details about the recent ad campaign from the Club for Growth).

Chicago Tribune: In a new poll you and John McCain are tied for 4th place at 8%. How will you try to distinguish yourself this week from John mcCain?

MH;I won’t spend this week attacking other candidates, I will continue to talk about our stance relating to issues that matter to the people. We are gaining momentum and support by talking about the issues, not by attacking other candidates.

D Roman: How would you increase armed forces and the navy to address military concerns?

MH: Well, I would want to see that that is what we need to do … I would need good analysis of what we need before doing that. I think that the way we fight our battles needs to change … not shock & awe and not “cut and run” as dems promote (and Ron Paul), but that we need to move to Snatch and Grab (focused battles, that give us big results).

Sloan Reality: How is your response to your support of the fairtax been in Iowa?

MH: Well, not just in Iowa, but across the country the view is being met with great favor. Many of the other answers today would only complicate an already impossible system.

Alvin Reed: How do you reduce health care costs?

MH: It won’t occur in one election cycle, but it takes strong, able leadership. We must start making whole-sale changes in how we approach health and health care … making preventive care available and affordable to all.

One Mom: On this date in 1861, the US implemented the first income tax … that’s a long time of income tax in this country. When you are elected President, how do you go about implementing the Fair Tax, and how long will it take to make the change?

MH: if we have the authorization from congress, it is really pretty simple to change it. It’s not going to happen without a President who sells it to the american people who control whta congress does. Selling it just to congress is not going to work, because they are not motivated on their own to change this system (they like the system of winners and losers).

D. Roman: You won 48% of African American voters in Arkansas. How do you reach that group in a national race?

MH:Just by letting people know that you treat everyone fairly and listen to each groups individual needs and address those concerns.

And that is the wrap-up of this morning’s events. Stay tuned, stay strong, and do everything you can to support Mike Huckabee this week … through word, through money, and through prayer (and not necessarily in that order!)

Peace everybody …



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  2. One point Mike makes (often) is liable to get overlooked: the fact that change in America begins with selling (convincing) a majority of the people that change is necessary. I recently saluted a New Mexico congresswoman, Heather Wilson, for her ability to outline a position in a sentence or two. We haven’t done this often enough. The Republicans did it well with the “death tax” concept, rather than calling it the bland “inheritance tax.” People just didn’t feel it was right to tax individuals after they were dead. When somebody starts into a long, boring analysis on an issue, people stop listening. On the question of the Black vote, Mike is correct that the essence of the appeal must be treating fairly (and most Black people don’t believe they’ve been treated in that way). Sadly, our country had 200 years of slavery and 100 of segregation. Just ignoring the damage that did to Black families is a mistake. At the same time, the “Great Society” approach, giving top-down handouts from Washington has itself damaged Black families. We will solve America’s problems from the community level UP — or we won’t solve them at all. Washington, DC doesn’t have a magic wand (unlike Harry Potter).

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