Primary Advice from Milford, New Hampshire

A voter in Milford, NH wrote a letter to the editor about supporting Mike Huckabee. While I am thrilled with their support of Gov. Huckabee, I was also impressed with this citizen’s rational and thoughtful advice regarding how to view the primaries.

Supporting Huckabee
By Loreen Daniels

It is very important for me to help the people of this area to understand the importance of knowing that the purpose of a primary is NOT to vote for the most popular person who they think has a good chance of winning the election, unless of course, that person has all the qualities to lead our country; but the purpose of a primary is to vote for the best person who one thinks will make the best president, no matter how much or how little press he gets.

There are candidates out there with little money to spend, but would make much better candidates for the presidency than all the ones with the big bucks that make the headlines every day! The one I am supporting is Gov. Mike Huckabee. He has no baggage, has genuine integrity, a real vision for America and the most COMMON SENSE I have seen in a candidate so far as well as successful experience in his home state of Arkansas as governor. You can go on the internet and find out what Mike is all about and I encourage you to do so via his website:, so you can make an informed decision come primary day.

I encourage you to do the same regarding any other candidates that are running but not getting any press because they are considered an “underdog”. Voting in a primary or in the general election shouldn’t be a popularity contest! It’s the time to vote with your heart of who the best candidate for the job should be. Choose who you think should win, not what the press envisions as the winner.

Source: The Milford Observer


  1. This makes an awesome editorial to use! It is exactly as I would have wrote it or will be.

  2. I read this and thought about writing about it myself. It is a well thought out letter about the very things we have been trying to advocate for months. Vote for your values, not for who might be able to win.

  3. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. I too am a homeschool Mom (6 year old twins) so I know how little time you have most days. Thanks for keeping us up to speed on Huckabee news. I have joined a meetup group and now this weekend writing letters to local newspapers about Huckabee. We all can do something to spread the word. Every little bit helps! I’ve been spreading the word to my homeschool groups too. We have a yahoo homeschool group in addition to those that meet together physically. It’s a great way to spread the word since Huckabee is the best candidate for homeschoolers! Here in NC, homeschool groups are very well organized so grassroots efforts are a natural fit within the groups. Hope others who homeschool are taking advantage of groups that are already mobilized. Thanks again for your blog!

  4. Amen.
    I’ve always said vote for who you want, not just whom you think everyone else wants. We’d all be happier with the final outcome if people didn’t try to strategize their voting so much and just picked the values and beliefs they liked the most.

  5. I agree with this letter wholeheartedly. It’s what I have been saying for months. Plus I think this idea can be extended to “early states” and straw polls. When people vote from their hearts and heads and not who the media says is the front runner or who someone in another state votes for.

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