A letter from Bishop Keith Butler

A Message to Michigan Voters 

Huckabee Supporters, I just wanted to take this moment to encourage you to go to the polls Tuesday, January 15th in support of Governor Mike Huckabee.  Michigan is an important state in the Presidential nominating calendar, and you can play a key role by voting and encouraging others to do the same.I truly believe that Governor Huckabee is the best choice to lead our country.  The Governor has an unwavering commitment to the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.  Mike Huckabee is also committed to preserving the primacy of marriage and the family founded upon it. Governor Huckabee understands the need for a just society and our obligation to one another.Governor Huckabee has proactive plans to meet the challenges we face everyday here in Michigan.  The revitalization of the Michigan economy and the creation of new jobs are essential, not only to Michigan, but to keep America a great place to live, work and raise a family. His attention to tax reform and protection of the middle class will serve America well for years to come. I am supporting Governor Huckabee because he is an honorable man, who will move our country forward with leadership that is not “left” or “right,” but instead is focused the good of the American people.  Again, I encourage you to join me in voting on Tuesday for Governor Huckabee and to encourage all that you know to do the same. 

God Bless, Bishop Keith Butler

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