Another subliminal message from the Huckabee Camp?

I’m certain you all remember the media’s fascination with the bookcase behind Mike Huckabee in his Christmas greeting, which they determined was actually a cross and a subliminal message to Christians in Iowa. Just for the record … IT WAS A BOOKCASE.

OK, tonight in New Hampshire, after Gov. Huckabee talked to his supporters (large crowd in front of him and a large crowd of people on the stage behind him), CNN almost immediately started talking about the unspoken message that the Huckabee campaign was sending to the people of South Carolina … all because former SC Governor David Beasley (who has been traveling with Mike for weeks now) was in their camera shot while Gov. Huckabee was speaking.

The message the media was “reading” was this: “only 1 in 12 people in New Hampshire go to church regularly, so South Carolina – we’re coming and we need you”. What is this bizarre paranoia in the media with Mike Huckabee and hidden messages? Nearly every video I saw of Sen. Obama this week had a guy in the crowd behind him (at several venues) wearing a red turban … and yet the media didn’t think that was some kind of hidden message (neither do I, but I’m just using it as an example of the media’s strange analysis of everything surrounding Mike Huckabee).

Ah, politics … a strange animal indeed here in the United States, but so much better than what so many other countries face in their election processes.

I am grateful – even with the strange media obsessions – to be a citizen of the United States of America.

Good night everybody …



  1. You know, if we’re this good at subliminal advertising, shouldn’t we just use our mind-control powers to make everyone vote for us?

    You know, I was at the speech last night. I never heard anything from anyone, much less Gov. Huckabee, about how many people attend church.

    Sigh …

  2. Maybe the paranoia of the idea that the Church brainwashes people (which of course is ill-founded) spills over into the media’s perception of Mike Huckabee. After all he IS a MINISTER…and the media won’t let anyone forget that.

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