Fourth Quarter Campaign Financial Reports

Mike Huckabee

  • Total Raised:  $6,651,956.62
  • Total owed (debt): $97,676.18
  • Cash on hand (12/31/07): $1,896,445.64
  • Loaned to himself (4th Q): $0
  • Loaned to himself (total): $0
  • Other loans: $0

Mitt Romney

  • Total Raised(4th Q):  $27,247,333.22
  • Total owed (debt):  $35,350,000.00
  • Cash on hand (12/31/07): $2,431,447.01
  • Loaned to himself (4th Q): $18,000,000.00
  • Loaned to himself (total): $35,350,000.00
  • Other loans: $0

John McCain

  • Total Raised(4th Q):  $9,969,292.21
  • Total owed (debt):  $4,516,030.08
  • Cash on hand (12/31/07): $2,948,427.85
  • Loaned to himself (4th Q): $0
  • Loaned to himself (total): $0
  • Other loans to campaign: $2,971,697.20

Information obtained from Federal Election Commission


  1. Someone posted this in the comments section under the article “Who woulda thunk it?” at Jonathan Martin’s Do you happen to know if this is true. Could be very troubling indeed for McCain and the GOP in general if he turns out to be the nominee.

    John McCain applied for matching funds when his campaign first was faltering. He was ok’d for 5.8 million in matching funds. he has applied for more. Probably the $20 million he could get for a general. The problem is that there is a shortfall in the account so, although payments would have started on Jan 1, no money has yet been paid out because of the short fall.

    The laws are poorly written so that once a candidate has applied for the funding, which McCain did, it is questionable whether or not he can get out of it if his own fund raising improves. it would require a vote by the FEC and currently there is no FEC quorum for voting. It has been deadlocked for 4 months. As it stands today there is no spigot to turn it off once you turn it on and Mccain turned it on the day he applied. If they break the dead lock, the law may or may not change.

    The candidate must limit spending in a primary race to $10 million plus COLA. They must limit spending in each state to $200,000 plus COLA. They must limit personal spending to $50,000.

    GENERAL CAMPAIGN LAWS: The nominee may be eligible for a public grant of $20 million plus COLA for campaigning in the general election.

    to be eligible for the public funds the candidate must agree to limit the amount of the grant. They may not accept private contributions. They can spend $50,000 of their own money.

    Looks like McCain is going to be hamstrung by his own law and it couldn’t happen to a creepier guy.

    Contrast his measly $2.5 million on hand to Obama’s fund raising of $62 million since October 1, 2007.

    Good luck supporting McCain guys. Good luck running John McCain and his empty piggy bank against the money monsters that both Obama and Hillary represent.

  2. hi miranda – i have no idea if this is true. personally, i will not support mccain – regardless of his bank account.

  3. I think it is interesting that the cash on hand is similar.

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