Glenn Beck Autism Story

For all the folks searching for the story Glenn did on autism on his show on July 1, 2008 and you ended up at my blog, welcome. Here’s the LINK to the transcript of Glenn’s show (I have only glanced at the transcript, so I won’t comment right now about the content).

While you are here, I hope you’ll take a few minutes and read my posts regarding autism, over-diagnosis and language disorders. You can find them HERE, HERE and HERE.

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  1. I saw Glenns show and I am also familiar with the Watch Me Learn videos.
    I don’t believe that the videos alone can “cure” a child’s autism, and that isn’t what is being suggested in the story.
    The videos are a powerful teaching tool that go beyond the aquistion of language. The child in question was definitely autistic and most likely still retains characteristics of autism, but he has done remarkably well as many children with autism are capable of doing.
    To say that “real autism” is incurable is a narrow point of view. There is really no way to debate realistically the issue though, because every child is different.
    My own child is considered “recovered” from autism, though I know that there are still characteristics present that make life challenging for her. The acquisition of language rarely transforms a child with autism into a “typically developing child” . There are too many other issues involved.

  2. I TOTALLY DISAGREE. real autism is not curable. there are many delays which are not “autism”related however lumped in that may have a child lag but why does this have to be autism? how good are you at math or running or socializing? I know alot of people weak in key areas.

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