Nancy Pelosi "Meet the Press" transcript

Earlier today I posted a brief synopsis of Nancy Pelosi’s appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press this morning. MSNBC now has the transcript of that interview available. I give you the exchange with Tom Brokaw about the beginning of life, human rights, and a woman’s right to have an abortion below. At the end, is the link to the entire transcript.

MR. BROKAW:  Senator Obama saying the question of when life begins is above his pay grade, whether you’re looking at it scientifically or theologically. If he were to come to you and say, “Help me out here, Madame Speaker.  When does life begin?” what would you tell him?

REP. PELOSI:  I would say that as an ardent, practicing Catholic, this is an issue that I have studied for a long time.  And what I know is, over the centuries, the doctors of the church have not been able to make that definition.  And Senator–St. Augustine said at three months.  We don’t know. The point is, is that it shouldn’t have an impact on the woman’s right to choose.  Roe v. Wade talks about very clear definitions of when the child–first trimester, certain considerations; second trimester; not so third trimester.  There’s very clear distinctions.  This isn’t about abortion on demand, it’s about a careful, careful consideration of all factors and–to–that a woman has to make with her doctor and her god.  And so I don’t think anybody can tell you when life begins, human life begins.  As I say, the Catholic Church for centuries has been discussing this, and there are those who’ve decided…

MR. BROKAW:  The Catholic Church at the moment feels very strongly that it…

REP. PELOSI:  I understand that.

MR. BROKAW:  …begins at the point of conception.

REP. PELOSI:  I understand.  And this is like maybe 50 years or something like that.  So again, over the history of the church, this is an issue of controversy.  But it is, it is also true that God has given us, each of us, a free will and a responsibility to answer for our actions.  And we want abortions to be safe, rare, and reduce the number of abortions.  That’s why we have this fight in Congress over contraception.  My Republican colleagues do not support contraception.  If you want to reduce the number of abortions, and we all do, we must–it would behoove you to support family planning and, and contraception, you would think.  But that is not the case.  So we have to take–you know, we have to handle this as respectfully–this is sacred ground. We have to handle it very respectfully and not politicize it, as it has been–and I’m not saying Rick Warren did, because I don’t think he did, but others will try to.



  1. It’s stunning that this is being discussed in the MSM. And at least she’s admitting that she doesn’t give a rat’s ass if it’s a baby or not, the mom’s right to have it killed trumps every other consideration.

  2. And if Pelosi, with her “I never encountered an abortion I didn’t approve of” attitude is an “ardent, practicing Catholic”, then I’m the time-traveling companion of The Doctor.

  3. I was shocked to hear Nancy Pelosi attempt to describe the Catholic Church’s position on the beginning of life as anything other than conception. Now, I accept her pro choice stance as a medical matter between a woman and her doctor and her conscience, but what can she possibly gain by not clearly stating the position of her own religion? Whatever was she talking about?

  4. Her comments were wrong in so many different ways. However, the phrase that best encapsulates her misunderstanding about the Faith is “This isn’t about abortion on demand, it’s about a careful, careful consideration of all factors and–to–that a woman has to make with her doctor and her god.” Notice she says “HER God” as if each person has there own god. Her misunderstanding of the Faith revolves around relativism. In the absence of an absolute (i.e., GOD) we become the determiners of good and evil. In other words, she is her own god.

  5. If life begins at birth, then Nancy Pelosi (and all the other pro-abortionists) are certainly right in supporting an unrestricted right to abortion on demand. But if life begins at conception, then Pelosi’s statements are a stunning expression of the callousness of the pro-abortion agenda in placing a woman’s “right to choose” above a baby’s God-given right to life…

  6. Pelosi’s statement identifies her as a “non-ardent non-practicing” Catholic since her very statement defies Church teaching. Is not excommunication in order for this very statement. How dare her scandalize the Church’s teaching.

  7. Pelosi’s statement identifies her as just the opposite kind of Catholic that she says she is. Her bishop should take action.

  8. Does anyone know where she read that St. Augustine said that life begins at 3 months? Hopefully she stumbled too much for anyone to really believe what she said.

  9. I saw this interview this morning and was so upset and shocked, like she’s the expert on what the Catholic position is on conception, and what she said was unbelievable!!! I went to mass and offered it up for Ms. Pelosi, & I asked God to bless her and open her ears to the truth. Based on what she said, she does not know her catholic faith and is twisting so many things so she can hold her head high. She’s using her free will to ignore strong and convincing theology, along with the leaders of the catholic church, her church. She’s in a fog of untruth and if she could accept the truth and live it, her life would be so much better! Plus, St. Augustine lived hundreds of years ago where science and technology didn’t exist. No one knew anything about biology then, and it’s very convenient for her to bring up St. Augustine’s information, because it helps her pro choice stance. Madam Speaker is using her free will to decide what sounds good and favorable to her, but it’s not the truth. In case any non catholics or catholics are wondering what the catholic view is when life begins, it’s at conception, when the sperm and the egg join together. We believe it’s a person right then and there, because the soul is also created at that same instant. Anyone could go to any catholic resource to find that out. It’s easy to understand, unless you are pro choice. Poor Madam Speaker.

  10. As to the reference to St. Augustine – it may be that Speaker Pelosi actually meant St. Thomas Aquinas – but she should definitely use some Catholic study resources as she’s ill-informed on virtually every single point she attempts to make. Clearly a stumbling and bumbling on the part of someone who either knows and doesn’t care, knows and doesn’t believe, or doesn’t believe and doesn’t care. I’m inclined to the latter.

  11. The Catholic Church’s positions on the commencement of life and abortion are crystal clear……life begins at conception and terminating that life is wrong. Nancy Pelosi certainly knows this but chooses to mislead. She most certainly is not an ardent Catholic.

  12. Pelosi’s comment has one purpose and that purpose is to support Obama’s vote in favor in infantcide.

  13. And Democrats think of themselves to be so smart, so educated, but from time to time one of their leaders (like this bimbo) opens their mouth in disbelief – how can one be so uneducated, so arrogant. Well , Mrs. Pelosi wanted to take a spot light from the Clintons, and she finally did.
    One thing for Ms. Pelosi to chew on: Hey Nancy! If life doesn’t start at the conception, why do you want all of us to use condoms or the pill, ha? Are they some kind of sex enhancer?

    And to be clear, Nancy Pelosi is not Catholic, she is not a Christian, she is not even a person of ANY true God. Her true religion IS liberalism.

  14. Ms. Pelosi is an idiot, but I am just as upset with Church leaders who continue to allow these so-called Catholics to recieve the Holy Eucharist. Church teaching is clear…life begins at conception. One shall not receive the blessed Sacrament while in a state of mortal sin..which the supporting of abortion clearly is. The Bishops need to stand up to these people!! They should all be excommunicated!!!

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  16. If it is not a baby (Life), you are not pregnant. The Catholic Church’s position on this is VERY Clear. Life begins at conception, no exceptions!!! Nancy, get or get OUT! And don’t tell us you are a practicing Catholic. I don’t know what you are practicing but it is not the Catholic Faith.

  17. Pelosi is a real live traitor to the Constitution, just as those who say one thing and do the opposite in the administration.

    I would not give you a plug nickel for the whole mess of them (democrats and republicans).

    Life begins at conception.
    That is a medical fact: a new set of DNA=a new human being.

    There is no way to convey my disgust with both political parties actively seeking a different form of government from that which was founded with the Constitution.

  18. How can Nancy Pelosi, being an “ardent Catholic” say such an untruth. She knows very well that life begins at conception. What lies, what arrogant and non-Catholic dribble from her mouth.

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  20. Obama voted for infanticide? Oh, right — and McCain voted for genocide.

    Look, unless you seriously propose establishing the Vagina Police to inspect every ovulating woman every 28 days to make sure no fertilized egg gets lost, even the 40% to 50% that God takes, Pelosi’s position makes sense. The reality is that life doesn’t begin with conception, it’s there in the eggs and sperm long before. Ensoulment, on the other hand, is up to God. If God wishes to ensoul a fetus at conception, why does God then kill half of them?

    The view that life begins at conception is a view that makes God out to be a mass murderer. It is, therefore, incorrect, in Christian theology — no matter what the Pope says. The Pope doesn’t speak for God when the Pope denies the facts of God’s creation.

  21. Pelosi has been a total failure as Speaker of the House! How can we expect her to get something so basic as when life begins right?

  22. How many of the MEN in this discussion have ever been pregnant? What gives you the right to decide what a woman should do?

  23. stevenet … men are just as much the parent of an unborn child as the women are. I’m glad to see men stand for the right to life and protect the children.

  24. John and Karen both seem to have questions about what Augustine said about abortion. Her point seems to be that the Catholic Church has not had a position on abortion that has stayed consistent through the centuries. From Augustine through Pope Innocent III and Aquinas there was a strong belief that the unborn child was not fully human until “the quickening” or “ensoulement” which didn’t occur until the end of the first trimester.

    So, besides arguing over Pelosi’s knowledge of the Church’s present position on abortion, what do you argue should be done to reduce the number of abortions being sought?

  25. She is an embarassment to our nation and the Catholic faith.

    For us, murder is once for all forbidden… It makes no difference whether one take away the life once born, or destroy it as it comes to birth. He is a man, who is to be a man; the fruit is always present in the seed.
    —Tertullian (160?-230?), Apology, ch. IX, tr. T. R. Glover et al.

  26. Pelosi is “dead” wrong. Just like the aborted babies she allows to die. She is an ardent hypocrite.

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  29. The Catholic church believes the state should never kill anyone, be it an abortion or an execution. All life is valuable. So if you practice the tenets of the church in your political life then you have to be against both abortion and the death penalty. And where does that leave you? maybe this country needs more political choices than just Democrat and Republican. Maybe a two party system isn’t the solution.

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  31. If Pelosi deems herself to be an ardent leader in this country and an Ardent Catholic, then she is neither. Her Bishop should see to it that she is no longer Catholic, then so much for being ardent anything. Just dented.
    Kick the can, please Bishop, just kick the can.
    Pelosi, guilty of murdering the unborn, Guilty!

  32. reply to rationalpsychic- reverse roe vs wade for one thing. God help us

  33. When did it become to place of any human to judge who should and should not recieve God. What is in a person’s heart and in their intent can only be judged by God. As if all of those who call for the excommunication of a person or feel a person should not recieve communion is always worthy of God. None of us are worthy and none of us have the right to judge. As long as some members of the Catholic CHurch continue to be fanatical in their views no real dialogue will ever take place about what can be done. We have had a Republician controlled Congress and a supposed Pro-Life President and what has been done to change Abortion in this country. What is it that we want as Catholics? The end of abortion? Why are we not supporting these women with government programs, and health insurance? Why are we not insisting on counseling for women before they choose to have an abortion? What happens if we criminalize abortion. Will we cart these women, who are victims themselves, off to jail? What do we want to be a consequence. We like to demonize women who have abortions and talk about those who use it as a form of birth control, but most women who choose to have an abortion are scared and feel unable to raise a child on their own. Everyone wants this to be a black and white issue with a black and white answer but it is not. Use your God given ability to reason. Ask difficult questions? And stop allowing politicians who will do nothing to change abortion buy your vote. There are other Pro-Life issues besides abortion. There are poverty, and health care, and a persons ability to provide for their families, and support for women who choose to stay home and raise their families. There are unjust wars, famine and disease. Please, Please Please stop judging and start finding solutions. Read the ENTIRE U.S. Confernce of Catholic Bishops: Forming Conciences for Faithful Citizenship. Not the diluted version that some organization has written for you.

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  35. I just want to say That I am a pro life mother.
    I believe that life begins at conception but as a Christian I was taught that there is free will for a reason. If you are a Christian does that make you pro Choice because in this life we are given the free will and the knowledge of right and wrong? Abortion has been outlawed and that did not stop it. What I want to know is that why is this really even an issue. Do you think it will be outlawed ever? There are Wars going on there are people dying everyday isin’t that something we should be discussing. Our economy is terrible and people are having to choose between gas and groceries i would like a little less talk about the non issued and more about the things that are affecting me directly.

  36. My son-in-law, who is a cradle Catholic and my daughter, who converted are very much against
    Ms. Pelosi’s remarks. She is NOT an asset to the Congress or to the United States of America.
    My son-in-law wrote a long letter to the Bishop and shared his thinking and feeling about Ms. Pelosi.
    May God help her.

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  38. may god help the poor women-she is all twisted up

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  40. Eh why are you surprised? Shes just one in a long long line of NON CHRISTIANS in power including all the top members of BOTH parties. Religion is just a cloak they hide in, they all are wolves in sheeps clothing. Better wake up America, if you thought Bush was bad, wait till u get Palin. World is headed at breakneck speed to the Tribulation, just as the Bible foretold 2000 years ago.

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