Some Huckabee Supporters Need a Bone to Chew On

Until this morning, I have tolerated the hyper, vigilante type movement of some Huckabee supporters to get him on the GOP ticket as McCain’s running mate. My tolerance came to an end this morning when my email inbox was stuffed with a new batch of emails about the subject. Here’s a small sample:

  • Romney would hurt McCain in Massachusetts (So? Massachusetts is about as blue as a state can be. They voted once for a Republican President – Ronald Reagan in 1984. In 1972, they were the only state to vote for George McGovern. This concern is truly irrelevant.)
  • Barney Frank: Mitt Romney lacks scruples (Barney Frank? Using a lecture on scruples from the queen of the United States Congress makes as much sense as using Michael Vick in a promotion campaign for the SPCA!)
  • Israeli News says Huckabee may be VP!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, there were 12 exclamation points in the subject line) (Gleaning that information out of the story in the Israeli news is at best a huge stretch. Unfortunately, these “its our way or the highway” Huckabee supporters missed the most important point in this article. Mike Huckabee is traveling to Israel and will be meeting with former Prime Minister – and likely next Prime Minister – Benjamin Netanyahu. These trips with Huckabee meeting with foreign leaders is crucial for any future run for the Presidency).

The group spending its time tearing down Mitt Romney and threatening John McCain with statements such as “make Huckabee your running mate or we won’t vote for you” is likely not doing any good, and in reality may be doing Huckabee’s cause in the future some harm. There is an article in today’s Detroit News with the headline Rift Opens in Michigan’s GOP . This story is an outgrowth of two meetings that occurred earlier this week here in Michigan with the McCain camp. All of it links to those who support Huckabee and those who support Romney and how much they hate each other. Yes, I used the word “hate”, and I am disgusted at the way many people who claim to be Christians are conducting themselves in this ill-conceived attempt to force McCain to put Huckabee on the ticket. A rift in Michigan’s GOP surely will not inspire folks to go to the polls in November to vote for Jack Hoogendyk or any other conservative on the ballot. If conservatives in Michigan split, we will have no chance of getting enough conservatives to the polls to overtake the democratic votes that Carl Levin will receive in the Detroit area alone.

When John McCain (who I do not support) became the presumptive nominee for the GOP, I was greatly disappointed, but, I moved on. I have spent considerable space on this blog attempting to get the truth out about Barack Obama in relation to not just his stand on abortion, but to his outright support of infanticide. Now, I am turning much of my blog space to helping Jack Hoogendyk remove Carl Levin from his US Senate Seat (after 30 years, Carl is firmly rooted and it will take a lot of dedicated conservatives working together, but I believe we can bring Jack to victory).

In my opinion, the group threatening McCain would serve conservatives much better by pouring all of this passion and energy behind true conservatives running for other positions across the country. Actually, I was told by more than one member of the Michigan group that they were ready to give 100% to working for Jack’s campaign, but all I’ve seen so far are these venom-filled emails against Romney and McCain.

By this will all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13:35

No, I don’t always get it right either – in relation to the verse above – but this “anti-Romney, threaten John McCain” faction is out of control and may be hurting other conservative candidates (especially here in Michigan where much of this seems to be based).

These are my opinions alone. Nothing in here should be presumed as representing Mike Huckabee or HuckPAC positions.



  1. I totally respect your opinion and what seems to be nothing but patriotic, godly motivation, but disagree somewhat. That was a good article in the Israel National News, and quite frankly, we might not have enough time for Huckabee in 2012 the way this world is going–and by that I mean the stage seems very much set for the prophesied Tribulation. For reasons of conscience it’s more important to contribute to at least offering a minimally acceptable ticket now — even if the people choose Barabbas — than for reasons of pragmatism, scheme for a Huckabee victory down the road when the climate towards Christians and a Christian worldview will undoubtedly have only worsened. I fully support those who are trying to get Huckabee on the ticket, a cause that has much merit, even if some of such proponents also throw in some arguments that are less than persuasive, even lame.

  2. Cindy – it is their tactics and venom that bothers me most of all. I haven’t said a great deal about it because I understand (though I disagree with) their basic premise. But this morning the emails reached a fever pitch and in my opinion are only serving to divide. They have become the story now, instead of the conservative platform that should be the story.

  3. If you take time to read some of the comments on HuckPAC, it seems that they are getting more and more extreme, having less to do with substance and more to do with raising their voice because their candidate (our candidate) didn’t win and probably will not be the VP. I understand their frustration, as do you, Kerry, but all of this is starting to sound just a little bit petty.

    Just my opinion.

  4. That’s true Larry. It’s why I don’t go over there very often.

  5. John Mc Cain is so old that if he gets in the White House, the VP has a very good chance of ending up as our president. This is something to think about before you vote for him.

    There is no way that I will vote for Obama. He is too pro-abortion, to the point where I’m not even sure he is really pro-choice. I wonder what his stand is on legislation to forbid coerced or forced abortion? Would he blather some lying excuse to oppose it? Pretend coercion doesn’t exist? Pretend it is a smokescreen to hide anti-choice agendas? I don’t trust him. I think he may be so pro-abortion that he will pretend all abortions promote a woman’s freedom, even if she has to be tied down or drugged into submission to prevent her from resisting and get the abortion done. He also supports infanticide for babies that survive abortion attempts. That’s extreme! ! !

    Whether I vote for Mc Cain or not will depend on his VP running mate. If I like his running mate, I will vote for him, otherwise I will vote for a write-in candidate.
    Mike Huckbee, Sarah Palin, and Joe Liberman are all examples of people who will earn John Mc Cain my vote.
    I will not vote for him if he picks a pro-choice/pro-abortion person. That guy from Pennsyvania (I think his name is Ridge or Ridgeway or something. Oh I might be wrong. I only heard of him once.) will cause me to vote for a write-in candidate.
    I am eager to see who Mc Cain picks.

  6. CeeCee – Lieberman has a 75% pro-choice rating from NARAL… personally, I don’t think you can be 25% pro-life, so Lieberman is not viable for me.

  7. CeeCee, I share your reasoning and as with you, McCain’s VP choice determines whether I could vote for the GOP ticket. Huckabee and maybe Palin (though I’d need to do more research on her, I like what little I’ve heard) are the only ones that come to mind that would cause me to vote McCain rather than write-in or third party. I am strongly against Romney, Cantor and Pawlenty.

  8. Cindy – I’m curious to know why not Pawlenty? Truthfully, I know very little about him … I’d like your thoughts.

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  10. Gee, I didn’t know that Liberman had a 75% pro-choice rating. I’ll have to check on that some more. I haven’t looked into NARAL lately.

    To Cindy: Let me tell you what I know about Sarah Palin. She is the governor of Alaska. She is the mother of 4 or 5 children. She recently gave birth to a Down’s Syndrome baby. She knew when she was pregnant that the baby had Down’s Syndrome. But she is strongly pro-life and believes handicapped children have a right to live too. So she refused to get an abortion.
    She is intelligent, caring, and competent. I think she would make a good president, and that is important when you are picking a vice president. Plus she has earned her pro-life wings.

  11. CeeCee – Lieberman was actually a co-sponsor (with Barbara Boxer) of the FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) … a scary piece of legislation.

    Cindy – I would still like to know your thoughts about Pawlenty.

  12. Hi Kerry,
    Great post and also Larry’s comment here re HuckPAC posters. I rarely post there, but I ended up leaving 2 posts yesterday in response to someone – a regular daily multi-poster – who attacked Mike’s integrity because he would support the McCain ticket ultimately regardless of the VP choice. (a promise he made in the primaries)

    The attack was personal…Mike cares more about the GOP than GOD..that he cares more about having a seat at the R table than doing the right thing… naseum.

    I jumped into bulldog mode and what’s amazing is there was no consensus or support from other posters. It has become acceptable to bash Mike on his own site. ????


  13. onemom, my strong concerns re:Pawlenty are re: national security, which of course is linked to other issues like energy and the economy. Wrong world view, wrong direction, wrong foreign policy. (These were actually the primary issues-based reasons –in addition to the character-based and experience-based reasons– I was a Huckabee supporter.)

    “Family values” issues (abortion, homosexuality, for ex) are secondary to me — not personally, but when it comes to the role of the President, our Commander in Chief–than facing the challenge of the war on terror (WOT) and the existential crisis in the Middle East. (Oh, in the Faith Forum McCain wasn’t called out on his inconsistency — saying human life rights begin at conception but then supporting embryonic stem cell research.)

  14. I found your post today very interesting, Kerry.

    I decided to launch my newly redone blog tomorrow, as well as my new photography blog, and I am kicking it off with a week of Obama videos and articles.

    The reason your post spoke to me is because I am posting the Saddleback Civil Forum videos on my blog over a 5 day span and then I will comment on them, for each candidate. I then am going to to a compare and contract article about the two candidates.

    What struck me as odd was that in the process of setting this up on my blog many Christians are bashing Pastor Warren when all he is doing is giving the candidates the opportunity to speak to the questions we Christians have. Crazy.

    Anyway, I decided to use the videos as a groundwork to build up to a longer article despite the personal attacks that are occurring around the videos and Pastor Warren.

    I think there is this verse in the Bible – maybe it is an old wives tale – I can’t recall at the moment – that you get better results with honey. Maybe some people need to remember that before they start to attack individuals.

    What we should be attacking is the ideologies.

    Anyhoo, I wanted to let you know I chose your “A Time to Talk” blog for my BOTW Award this week. I also added a new link under my grassroots efforts called Language Disorders and I have a link to your blog there as well.

    Congrats on the great job!

  15. Onemom: Freedom of Choice Act? Ewwww. That act claims to be for choice, but it could be twisted to support, and prevent the forbidding of, attacks on a woman’s right to choose life. I had no idea that Liberman supported that. I guess I will have to investigate Liberman a little more carefully.

    I definitely DO NOT want the so-called Freedom of Choice Act. That thing is a monster.

  16. I like Mike Huckabee. I am very sorry that he didn’t make it to be the nominee. As it is, the candidates of both parties (Obama and Mc Cain) look pretty bad. We are in for a rocky four years no matter which one of them gets in.

    The only question is, do I plug my nose and vote for the lesser of two evils? Or do I vote for a write-in candidate and basically waste my vote for all practical purposes. That will depend on who Mc Cain picks for a VP.

  17. Thanks Dominique … I am honored.

  18. I’m glad I’m not the only one … I don’t get to HuckPAC very often anymore, for largely the same reasons.

    (By the way … Hi, Dale! I doubt you’d remember me, but we met a couple times in NH … of course, I wasn’t using this name, there.)

  19. Well, not to sound to harsh, but McCain picking Romney will only hurt. y’all have been watching way to much fox news. Romney i truly believe is more liberal than McCain. McCain doesn’t have to have Huckabee to win my vote, but to loose it all he needs is Romney. I’m not voting for a guy who served only 4 years as Governor and elected once under the notion he is pro-gay and pro-choice. The south has a mind of its own. Having two Yankee’s with one being a moron will only hurt the GOP in Dixie, its very base. I can’t stand Romney and I question his follower’s loyalty and moral values for this country and for the GOP. Romney is a clone of Al Gore just on the Republican side. He will say anything to get elected. He is just a snake in the grass. I will loose respect for McCain if he picks this lying Mormon. But Hats off to McCain, he did excellent at saddleback church with Rick Warren. The contrast was clear, McCain is smart, and Obama knows nothing. He has as much experience running for president as well, Romney.

  20. Scott – I don’t watch FoxNews, and I don’t support Romney (don’t know where you got either of those suppositions). I also don’t think we need to be filled with venom and hatred, or resort to name-calling either. I also don’t personally appreciate the “yankee” comment.

  21. Wow, quite the discussion here.

    I agree with your original post. I really like Huckabee and think he would make a great VP, but I don’t know that I can vote for McCain. Regardless, there’s no point in sending out hate-filled, name-calling, this-is-our-final-hope kind of emails.

  22. McCain is the guy. And for those who are upset about his being the presumptive nominee, please take your energy and support Hoogendyk and other Strong conservative candidates. We could really use you right now.

  23. Hi Jason –

    That is my point exactly. Jack Hoogendyk is going to need every conservative in the state supporting him and working on his behalf.

  24. Well I agree with the hatred thing, but I’m sorry, I can’t compel myself to support Romney or his followers. Time will heal my feelings. One of the guys here in Marianna was a big Romney supporter. We just started talking again. I just need time. I didn’t say you were watching fox and I know you don’t support Romney. I said y’all when referring to fox. You know, like in general. I still watch CNN over Fox but I do flip there more often now. The Yankee comment is generated toward the GOP in general. I know you’re a northerner but you understand the south is like its own little country. I just think we need to be represented in the White House, especially in the Republican Party since we are the more conservative voting block states. I didn’t use Yankee towards you, and I wouldn’t. Maybe to my relatives in Seattle but I love your blog and your opinions way too much. Thanks for letting us comment. You told me in an e-mail that you may help me in college. I’m dual enrolling and if it’s all right may I e-mail some of my college papers for proofing?

  25. That’s fine Scott. If I recall you were hoping to go to Liberty?

  26. Yes, but for right now its Chipola. I can’t wait to go to Liberty. I want a Law degree and then pass the bar in Florida, which next to Texas, its one of the hardest. Chipola starts Thursday but High School started today. I voted for the first time in local primary about a week ago. So I’m excited for the big one in Nov. Well talk to you later.

  27. As you know Onemom, I used to blog for Huck all the time.. but after he dropped out, I chose to move on. It frankly scares me when people put so much hope and trust in one frail man.

    I agree with you that we all should focus on electing conservatives from the local level on up.. that’s where it really matters. I’m content with voting for John McCain and whoever the VP will be, even Romney. They will be infinitely better than Obama/whoever.

  28. Hi Justin – it is good to see you.

    Yes, we need to put our energies into what we can change and not into what we can’t.

  29. Being one of those criticized in this Blogg, this post is not in defense of what the media has painted, but is to reflect on what has resulted.

    I was asked by Japanese Broadcasting on Sunday, four days after the Michigan Summit with Marlys Popma, McCains Evangelical Advisor and Liaison: Are you and do you expect the Christian Conservatives going to support John McCain. My answer is the same answer that we as the Huckabee Grassroots Michigan Coalition held in hosting the Summit with McCain’s Staff. We feel that McCain will in the end make the right decisions and do the right thing.

    After the Summit, we learned of the trial balloon of a possible pro-choice VP. That created a firestorm and being just fresh from a meeting in which a Romney activist stood in as a McCain Michigan Representative at the summit, our reaction was to pull back and not support McCain at that time.

    Since then, McCain’s have brought us back to the same position and belief in that McCain will continue to make the correct decision.

    Coalitions by definition are entities that remain active when there is reason to believe that coalescing values into one coalition of support is still possible. A coalition should never surrender this for expediency of coalescing and should not be expected to do so.

    For those of you who think sitting out this election will benefit the Country, it is my belief that by election day, you will see the value of not doing that and that John McCain will prove to be that Maverick that will save this Nation for our GrandChildren and their children. But until then our diligence is to wait and see how the platform unfolds. SaddleBack has placed a great foundation on this promise of the right thing being.

    Remember, we can have different approaches and that is healthy, but in the end we are One.

  30. One Mom — it’s too bad you didn’t check your facts before criticising the effort to get Huckabee on a Prime Time Speaking slot at the GOP convention and / or the VP slot.

    Especially sad, is your criticism of this group as NOT supporting Hoogendyk. You are very wrong. This group, of which I am a part, is currently working on a fund raiser for Jack — and has already donated to his campaign.

    Perhaps next time you could ask a question of those you criticize == before you publically tear them down.

  31. Elizabeth – yes, I know there is now support for Jack. When I wrote this on the 16th, I was specifically referring to the tirade of emails that flooded my box that morning.

    Also, I named no names in my post, because this is not just Michigan supporters. One only has to visit the HuckPac website to see that.

  32. The Flurry of emails was needed to draw attention to Huckabee’s ABSENCE from the TICKET and the GOP SPEAKER’s line up.

    Our efforts succeeded — Huckabee’s got a Prime Time speaking spot at the Convention.

    Who knows, with even more voices being raised, he could get the VP spot too!!

  33. Liz – well, I said nothing about the convention speaking spot in this post. He just received a spot, but for the man who came in 2nd, I don’t consider speaking before the keynote liberal Rudy Giuliani a prime speaking spot.

    I might not have been so irritated if the emails and the comments on the HuckPac site were more pro-Huckabee and less “anti-Romney” and threats to John McCain.

    As I said in the post, this was my opinion, and since this is my blog, I’m free to express it.

  34. It’s true! Liberman supports the FOCA. OK. I guess that disqualifies him from receiving my vote. Too bad. I liked him, or at least I thought I did.

  35. Hallelujah. Sarah Palin is the VP pick for John Mc Cain. She is great. This is truly a wonderful choice on Mc Cain’s part.

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