Some Huckabee Supporters Need a Bone to Chew On

Until this morning, I have tolerated the hyper, vigilante type movement of some Huckabee supporters to get him on the GOP ticket as McCain’s running mate. My tolerance came to an end this morning when my email inbox was stuffed with a new batch of emails about the subject. Here’s a small sample:

  • Romney would hurt McCain in Massachusetts (So? Massachusetts is about as blue as a state can be. They voted once for a Republican President – Ronald Reagan in 1984. In 1972, they were the only state to vote for George McGovern. This concern is truly irrelevant.)
  • Barney Frank: Mitt Romney lacks scruples (Barney Frank? Using a lecture on scruples from the queen of the United States Congress makes as much sense as using Michael Vick in a promotion campaign for the SPCA!)
  • Israeli News says Huckabee may be VP!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, there were 12 exclamation points in the subject line) (Gleaning that information out of the story in the Israeli news is at best a huge stretch. Unfortunately, these “its our way or the highway” Huckabee supporters missed the most important point in this article. Mike Huckabee is traveling to Israel and will be meeting with former Prime Minister – and likely next Prime Minister – Benjamin Netanyahu. These trips with Huckabee meeting with foreign leaders is crucial for any future run for the Presidency).

The group spending its time tearing down Mitt Romney and threatening John McCain with statements such as “make Huckabee your running mate or we won’t vote for you” is likely not doing any good, and in reality may be doing Huckabee’s cause in the future some harm. There is an article in today’s Detroit News with the headline Rift Opens in Michigan’s GOP . This story is an outgrowth of two meetings that occurred earlier this week here in Michigan with the McCain camp. All of it links to those who support Huckabee and those who support Romney and how much they hate each other. Yes, I used the word “hate”, and I am disgusted at the way many people who claim to be Christians are conducting themselves in this ill-conceived attempt to force McCain to put Huckabee on the ticket. A rift in Michigan’s GOP surely will not inspire folks to go to the polls in November to vote for Jack Hoogendyk or any other conservative on the ballot. If conservatives in Michigan split, we will have no chance of getting enough conservatives to the polls to overtake the democratic votes that Carl Levin will receive in the Detroit area alone.

When John McCain (who I do not support) became the presumptive nominee for the GOP, I was greatly disappointed, but, I moved on. I have spent considerable space on this blog attempting to get the truth out about Barack Obama in relation to not just his stand on abortion, but to his outright support of infanticide. Now, I am turning much of my blog space to helping Jack Hoogendyk remove Carl Levin from his US Senate Seat (after 30 years, Carl is firmly rooted and it will take a lot of dedicated conservatives working together, but I believe we can bring Jack to victory).

In my opinion, the group threatening McCain would serve conservatives much better by pouring all of this passion and energy behind true conservatives running for other positions across the country. Actually, I was told by more than one member of the Michigan group that they were ready to give 100% to working for Jack’s campaign, but all I’ve seen so far are these venom-filled emails against Romney and McCain.

By this will all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13:35

No, I don’t always get it right either – in relation to the verse above – but this “anti-Romney, threaten John McCain” faction is out of control and may be hurting other conservative candidates (especially here in Michigan where much of this seems to be based).

These are my opinions alone. Nothing in here should be presumed as representing Mike Huckabee or HuckPAC positions.