Vote for Our Sussex Spaniel, Nell


Please take a moment and click the picture above to vote for our Sussex Spaniel, Nell, in the most valuable pet contest at Bissell. The voting will be open February 17th through February 24th. If she wins this week, we will win a new vacuum cleaner (something we definitely need), but even better is she will move into the finals and a chance to be featured on a Bissell Pet Eraser Vacuum Cleaner box.

This is week six of their promotion, the winner the first week (when fewer people knew about it) only needed 372 votes to win. The winner in week four needed 642 votes (week five hasn’t been reported yet). So, my guess is that Nell will need at least 800 votes to be in the running. I know that’s a lot, but with your help, we can make Nell a big winner! (She’s already a winner in our hearts, but since she won’t ever win Westminster, like Stump did, it would be nice to see Bissell award her for being a beautiful and sweet dog.)

If you’ve never read Nell’s story, please click HERE.

When you go to Bissell to vote for Nell, you can pick up a widget to encourage others to vote for her as well. There is one vote per email address for the week, so if you have multiple email addresses …. 😉

Thank you.



  1. Rich, Morgann, Lester, Loretta, and I voted:) (husband, daughter, cat, and dog. and me!)

  2. Count me in. Nell is certainly a very valuable pet. I can get relaxed just by looking at how laid back she appears to be.

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  4. Voted! 🙂 Like the new layout of your blog Kerry!


  5. My husband and I both voted for Nell. I also put the widget on my profile on myspace and facebook.

    Hope Nell wins it!!! Good luck!!!

  6. I voted – it was a pleasure. God bless you with all your endeavors.

  7. I voted, too. She’s quite the looker, that Nell.

  8. One more thing, and this really isn’t the right place, but couldn’t find anywhere else – I like your new look. When this theme first came out, I tried it for a short while, but quickly went back to my old standby.

    This works well for you, and Nell fits right in!

  9. We Love Nell – We vote everyday. onemom rocks! Nell rocks! Love, Cat, Chaps and Emma

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