Shocking: Tim Tebow and His Mom

It was shocking. How could CBS run such a thing during the Super Bowl? Pam Tebow, mom of Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow, appeared in an ad on Super Bowl Sunday with her famous son. Mrs. Tebow talked about how many times she almost lost Tim and how much she loves her son. Tim (after tackling his mom in one version of the ad – it was computer generated, he didn’t really tackle her), then hugs his mom and says he loves her too.

Here’s what N.O.W. said about the ad BEFORE it ran:

The Offense: During the Feb. 7 telecast of the Super Bowl, CBS will air an anti-abortion commercial produced and paid for by the ultra-conservative group Focus on the Family.

NOW’s Analysis: Focus on the Family has an aggressively anti-abortion, anti-LGBT, anti-woman agenda. This ad reportedly promotes the decision of one woman to go against her doctor’s advice to terminate an at-risk pregnancy. While NOW would never disparage any woman’s reproductive choice, we believe that all women should be free to make the decision that is right for them. We also believe that this ad could potentially put women’s health and lives at risk by promoting ideology over medicine.

NOW President Terry O’Neil referred to  the planned ad as “extraordinarily offensive and demeaning.”

Apparently the NOW President didn’t actually see the ad before hand, but gave her knee-jerk response because the ad was paid for by Focus on the Family.

Personally, I am SHOCKED! Pam Tebow loves her son and Tim Tebow loves his mom. How dare CBS run such an ad with so many people watching.

I actually should thank groups like NOW and Move-On for making such a fuss about the ad for weeks now, because Focus on the Family likely received a lot more visits to see the whole Tebow story because of all the free pre-game coverage.

You can see both ads and hear the rest of the story at Focus on the Family.


(By the way, congratulations to the New Orleans Saints for their win over the Indianapolis Colts).


  1. I had heard all about it then I missed when it was on,but I think it’s crazy for so many people to say something about it …when look how many other things people should be worried about and they aren’t !

  2. In case anyone was wondering why CBS decided to put in such a “controversial” ad, I think we now know … it’s because it didn’t say anything controversial!

  3. NOW is just amazing. As someone noted on a blog I was reading, NOW is for pro-choice – a woman’s right to choose. So why wouldn’t they be for his mom’s right to choose? Crazy! Dble standard galore. I think their hypocrisy is starting to be seen by the American people, thus, more people are now pro-life than not for the very first time in a while.

    BTW, Focus on the Family didn’t pay for the ad. “Focus on the Family president and CEO Jim Daly said that a “handful of very generous and committed friends” came up with the roughly $2.5 million it’s costing for a 30-second Super Bowl spot this year.” FOTF decide to be part of the ad because it was already paid for.

  4. Yes! Wasn’t that such a horrible, despicable ad?!

    Good grief. Grow up, Lefties. How about actually seeing something before you jump all over it. They built it up so much I was almost disappointed at how innocuous it truly was.

    • Hi Jamison – yes, I didn’t even know what it was and missed most of it because I didn’t recognize Mrs. Tebow. I didn’t see the whole ad until I saw it online. We really owe the feminists and pro-aborts (or is that redundant?) for giving this so much attention and causing a lot more people to check it out.

  5. Hi Kerry! I still drop by often though I haven’t left you a note in a while. I loved your post on the Tebow commerical. I encourage everyone to watch the “rest of the story” on Focus’ website. It brought tears to my eyes. What a miracle each precious life really is. Tim’s story is just another reminder of that. Hope your sweet Hannah is still doing well. 🙂

    • Hi Brenda – always good to see you. The Tebows’ story is beautiful.

      Hannah is doing well. She and Papa are still learning to navigate homeschool without mom. I am bringing in some new curriculum and methods to keep everything on track a bit better.

  6. My initial reaction to the ad was, “THAT’S what all the fuss was about?” Its a crazy world we live in.

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