Women in Combat

The United States Army has been conducting a study about having women in combat units. In many ways women are just as capable as men – in some areas perhaps even more so – but physically, most women will not be equal to men.

In world marathon records, in the best trained men and women in the world, there remains about a 20 minute gap between their race times of about 2 hrs 5 min for men and 2 hrs 25 min for women.  Last year, the fastest mile recorded by a man was 3:49.56, while the fastest time recorded by a woman was 4:29.06.

According to the International Weightlifting Federation, the current record in the clean and jerk for men is 578.6 pounds. For women the current record is 411.4 pounds. In the men’s weight class closest to the women’s highest class, the record is 444.4 pounds.

Of course there are women who can beat men at running and at lifting, but these records demonstrate that with equal training, men consistently are faster and stronger than women.

However, my question is not whether women can serve in combat units, but should they, especially those who are mothers? There is so much more to consider about having women in combat than physical challenges, especially when the women in question are moms.

What do you think?