Women in Combat

The United States Army has been conducting a study about having women in combat units. In many ways women are just as capable as men – in some areas perhaps even more so – but physically, most women will not be equal to men.

In world marathon records, in the best trained men and women in the world, there remains about a 20 minute gap between their race times of about 2 hrs 5 min for men and 2 hrs 25 min for women.  Last year, the fastest mile recorded by a man was 3:49.56, while the fastest time recorded by a woman was 4:29.06.

According to the International Weightlifting Federation, the current record in the clean and jerk for men is 578.6 pounds. For women the current record is 411.4 pounds. In the men’s weight class closest to the women’s highest class, the record is 444.4 pounds.

Of course there are women who can beat men at running and at lifting, but these records demonstrate that with equal training, men consistently are faster and stronger than women.

However, my question is not whether women can serve in combat units, but should they, especially those who are mothers? There is so much more to consider about having women in combat than physical challenges, especially when the women in question are moms.

What do you think?



  1. That is a good question, Kerry. I know some may think I am a male chauvinist for saying this, but I do not think women should be serving in combat units. Their total makeup, from physical to psychological, is completely different than a man. That isn’t to say that is bad, but it is the way God created man and woman and there is a reason for it.
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  2. PMS and an M-4? What could possibly go wrong?

    • Hello TexasFred – there are many, many things that need to be considered before the military runs headlong into a decision based on political-correctness and not on reality.

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  4. Against. My main concern is physical integrity if taken prisoner of war.

  5. It’s not that I don’t think women are capable of doing the same things as men. But you’re right… there are distinct differences between men and women. One of the things not mentioned here is the differences in the way some women and men handle emotional situations. Women are generally far more emotional than men are. Another factor that I think may come into play is a woman’s general need for a sense of security and safety, as well as her nurturing tendencies. Whereas, men find conflict, pressure, adventure, and risk-taking are easier to handle; even enjoyable. There are exceptions to that. I am one of them in some areas, but only if you compare me with certain men or certain personality traits. Look at the way the two genders play as children. Boys make sound effects and crash things and play rough. Girls sit quietly sometimes for hours, and if most girls are given a truck or plane to play with, it gets a name and is wrapped in a blanket, or it becomes a living thing with a personality. Give a boy a truck or plane and he’ll make it go really fast, crash it, and roll it in the dirt a few times for effect. If he uses voices, it is the voice of the pilot or driver talking with a deep voice or he will re-enact the last guy movie he saw… things like that. Like I said, not every guy, but most. I’ve seen boys taking care of dolls, but most of the time it is because they made a deal with their sister to get her to play his kind of pretend game next. It is clear to me that, generally, with a few exceptions, men and women were created to function differently and if feminists were honest about it, they would admit that we compliment one another and women and men compliment one another and compensate for what the other lacks. We should simply appreciate each other for our differences instead of “making war” over them. 🙂

    • WhitU4ever – You are so right about the emotional differences. I had to laugh about girls wrapping cars and trucks in blankies and giving them names and personalities! I’ve often wondered if the movie Cars (Lightning McQueen and friends) was really written for little girls … my daughter has always favored the big firetruck named “Red” because he cries a lot and needs someone to take care of him.

    • I always seem to be the odd man out, if you will! 🙂 I think something that many peple don’t realize is that men are not better able to handle battle because of their makeup but because of the training that they recieve in order to do that. I think women would be able to handle combat as well as men with the appropriate training.

      When I went into the military, in my nautral state I couldn’t have handled it, but with the intense training I received, my ability to handled it changed as did my perspective. I no longer see the world the same as a result.

      In addition, many men return from combat, damged from what they witness. War is hell and I don’t think gender (after training) really plays a huge part in that. Yes we are different.

      One of the differences that is a positive for women is that we are often highly capable of enduring a lot of pain. We are created for that through birthing. In addition, we are fantastic multi-taskers which would be highly beneficial to the military and combat situations.

      I do think we need to look at this decision closely but I don’t think we should rule out the ability of women to do this just because of thier gender.

      Many other countries have women in thier military. In my birth country, France, women and me are required to serve in the military and I have never known any of my female relatives to be worsened by that experience.
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  6. That is totally up to the Women. lol I know a lot of Manly women out there that could do a lot more hurt then some men I know. I know a few that have been in combat already. They love what they do. And very willing to defend this great Nation and our Rights under the Constitution of the United States. I even know of a few that miss it but took the time out to be a Mom. With the way our Country is taking away and making more laws to take away our rights. It needs to be left as is. Voluntary.

    • DanJ – that’s true, there are women who are much more frightening than men (look at those weight lifting numbers!). However, the vast majority of women do not fall into that category, and I think the military needs to be very careful as they consider this. Also, if they decide to put women into combat units, will they also require females to register for the Selective Service? If women have to register and we face a war of greater magnitude than Iraq or Afghanistan, we could be sending tens of thousands of young women into war who would have never chosen the military.

    • Dan – thank you for your comments. I totally agree with you. I also agree that military service needs to stay voluntary.
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  7. I like how you only post the comments of people who think the same way as you

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  9. Heh! I respectfully disagree. Having served, I know many, many woman who could have out shot, out run, out carried, and out witted many more men at AIT and then, ROTC. Give them the training (and the desire), and they will surprise you. I would never want to be in combat, but that was me. However, the theater and mission scope has changed. Combat and front lines have blurred. Female soldiers are in as much danger as men in Afganistan and Iraq.

    As for starting blocks, I know so many men out there unfit physically and mentally to serve and know so many that would love a chance to be in the thick of battle.

    How about men who go berserk with killing? A woman in that combat unit might be more even-headed and tempered…or at least that makes follows if we continue to list gender STEREOTYPES as evidence or fact. Seriously, my boys played in kitchens and my daughter liked cars. How they play is also effected by how you raise them.

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