Most people refer to the place where they keep dishes, dry-goods, etc as “kuh-boards”. The real word of course is “cup-boards” but I don’t know anyone that says it that way.

Why am I talking about kitchen storage? Because it occurred to me recently that at our house we have all adopted a Hannah-word to refer to enclosed storage places. At our house we have kitchen “covereds” and bathroom “covereds”, and upstairs there is even a toy “covered”. A few years ago Hannah had trouble saying “kuh-board” and it became “covered”. When you think about it, the old-fashioned cup-board was not enclosed, so “covereds” is a more accurate description of where we store things.

Gotta love Hannah-isms!

Make it a good “Wens-day” (does anyone say “Wed-nes-day”?)



  1. Love our Hannah. Here in bassethoundtown we say wensday. We will also, in honor of Hannah, say covereds! We like that much better.

    • My mom use to purposely say all three syllables of Wed-nes-day.

      We are glad you will join us in “covereds”. 😀

      Hugs all around all at BHT!

  2. I still have to convince my daughter that amn’t isn’t a proper contraction. Her logic makes sense thought. Is not, isn’t. Was not, wasn’t. So why not am not, amn’t? English is often a very silly language.

    • Yes, the contraction rules alone are puzzling, let alone everything else in the English language. “Are not” becomes “aren’t”, but “will not” becomes “won’t”. Toss in a generation that now communicates with 140 characters or less, and I do not hold out much hope for spelling, grammar, or formal communication.

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