Candidate Du Jour

According the the latest Gallup Poll, Texas Governor Rick Perry leads the GOP field running for President.

  • Rick Perry 29%
  • Mitt Romney 17%
  • Ron Paul 13%
  • Michele Bachmann 10%

Gallup did something a little strange with this data – according to their website, when they took the poll they included Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani as options, but those numbers were not included in the report. Anyone who selected Palin or Giuliani only had their second choice reported in the poll. That seems disingenuous at best.

Regardless of Gallup’s polling practices, the bottom-line of this is that the voting public chooses the name of the candidate they have heard the most in the media, and that’s Rick Perry.

In the meantime, Ron Paul is trending upward while Romney and Bachmann are trending the other way. Ron Paul raised $1.8 million dollars last weekend as part of his birthday money-bomb.

Gallup did offer a bit of history that was interesting:

Perry’s official entry has shaken up the Republican race, making him the new leader for the party’s nomination. Gallup also finds Perry generating strong positive intensity among Republicans familiar with him, suggesting he has a strong initial base with potential to grow, given his below-average recognition.

Still, he, like Romney before him, rates as a weaker front-runner than those in prior GOP nomination contests. Perry will attempt to avoid the same fates as late-entering candidates in the last two nomination contests — Fred Thompson in the 2008 Republican field and Wesley Clarkin the 2004 Democratic field. Both created a buzz surrounding their potential candidacies, and ranked among the national leaders upon entering the race. However, both fared poorly in early primaries and caucuses and soon after ended their candidacies.



  1. As further evidence that Gov. Perry has no core values, his communications director recently stated that Perry’s book Fed Up! (published only 9 months ago) was not meant to reflect Perry’s current views on Social Security. Here is a quote from the Wall Stree Journal. He says whatever he thinks he needs to say to win the crowd.

    The issue bubbled up Thursday, when a gaggle of protestors confronted Mr. Perry outside a café in Portsmouth, N.H., accusing him of trying to destroy Social Security and Medicare. Mr. Perry didn’t respond when one of the protesters inside the café accused him of believing the Social Security system was unconstitutional.

    In an interview, Mr. Sullivan acknowledged that many passages in Mr. Perry’s “Fed Up!” could dog his presidential campaign. The book, Mr. Sullivan said, “is a look back, not a path forward.” It was written “as a review and critique of 50 years of federal excesses, not in any way as a 2012 campaign blueprint or manifesto,” Mr. Sullivan said.

    The campaign’s disavowal of “Fed Up!” is itself very new. On Sunday evening, at Mr. Perry’s first campaign stop in Iowa, a questioner asked the governor to talk about how he would fix the country’s rickety entitlement programs. Mr. Perry shot back: “Have you read my book, ‘Fed Up!’ Get a copy and read it.”

    • Yeah, I’m with you. You’d think that using the word “unconstitutional” would mean he’s staking out and committing to a position.


      I found it interesting hearing people say that Perry isn’t a lifetime politician … which is exactly what he is. He’s really good at sounding populist, though. Which is exactly what we don’t need.

  2. Did I miss your announcement of support for Ron Paul?

  3. I didnt think so. Just checking. I like RP a lot. But, I’m still looking myself. I sure wish you’d find us the right person!

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