A Lost Treasure – Found

In the mid 1980’s I was introduced to the Christian group “Harvest”. Jerry Williams and Ed Kerr wrote and performed some of the most beautiful and powerful Christian music I have ever heard. Time rolled on though and my Harvest records became too worn to play, but by the time I went looking for CDs, their music was unavailable.

Over the years and the advent of online searches, I have gone looking for Harvest music. Once in awhile I would find a CD on ebay for more than $100 – even one elsewhere for $199(!), but those were definitely ridiculous in price and the music listed was very incomplete.

This last weekend, I decided to look once again for the music I have not heard in about 25 years, but that still filled my heart and mind. This weekend, the Lord blessed me with finding a wonderful treasure of Harvest downloads at a ministry website of Jerry Williams. Apparently the MP3s of Harvest music are a new offering at Epic Ministries … I felt like I had landed in the land of milk and honey!

To have this beautiful and powerful music once again is an amazing gift. I am so grateful to God for bringing this back to me.

Behold God   Calvary



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