Christians “fair game” on ABC – TV

I saw an ad online for the new ABC TV show GCB (Good Christian B******) a few days ago, and was planning on writing a post about it. However, Michael Farris of HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association) has done the job for me. He is absolutely right, if this show were against any other group of people, the liberals would be storming ABC headquarters. They are so offended at what Rush said last week – where is the outcry against a show that has an advertising tagline of “the cleavage will keep your cross straight”?  Here’s the first part of what Mr. Farris wrote:

ABC-TV has decided that it can take direct aim at Christians with what amounts to hate speech. This is the premise of its new program GCB (which stands for Good Christian B*****es). We need to fight back.

This program ridicules Christians, Christianity, the Bible, and Christian symbols in ways that would be unthinkable if aimed at any other religious group. For example, in the official Facebook page for GCB it said that “cleavage will help keep your cross straight.” Can you imagine the reaction in the Muslim community if that kind of message (complete with a highly suggestive photo) would have been made aiming at a symbol of the Islamic faith?

Please read the rest of his article and contact ABC and the list of sponsors he has provided.


note: The show is based on the book by the same name. ABC “in their head” changed the name of the show to Good Christian Belles, but anyone with a brain isn’t fooled by such pandering. Changing the name doesn’t change the content or intent.


  1. The only two things I know about the show are that its name saddens me, much as the William Shatner sitcom with its title bleeped out does and that on the Think Christian blog one of the contributors said that it’s not worth getting up in arms because the show is so badly written that it’s not likely to last long.

    That mockery does already exist toward other faiths, though. There’s a show called “Big Love” about a polygamist Mormon family. I seem to recall that Muslims on network TV are almost exclusively portrayed as either terrorists or taxi drivers. Surely you’ve heard people mocking the idea of “contemplating your navel” or chanting “Ommmm …” or whatnot.

    Sacred stuff to some people … As I understand it, the show “South Park” mocks just about everything. There’s not a force on earth strong enough to make me watch the show, so I have no firsthand knowledge, but I understand that the Church of $cientology actually threatened legal action.

    I don’t know if this is so much singling out Christians as it is assailing the idea that there is any such thing as sacred.

  2. If blatant hypocrisy like what the show portrays weren’t so true of many so-called “Christians,” they’d have nothing to base their show on. Sadly, Christ and His bride are dragged through the dirt not by Hollywood, but by people who claim to follow Him and do nothing of the sort.

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