Friday Flyer

  • Finally reached the point where there was a bit of daylight on my way to work in the morning, but this weekend will send me back to a dark morning commute.
  • Winds gusting to 44 mph here this morning and snow. Wind chill is 7 degrees. Next week we are suppose to reach into the 50s. Lots of snow going to melt very fast.
  • Gas here still at $3.99/gallon. At least it didn’t go up.
  • Enjoy your Friday and your shortened weekend.



  1. Cindy, Jethro Rugs, Oz and Harriet

    I DO NOT like springing forward. I never gain back that hour of sleep that I lose.

    Gas was $3.50 when I filled up yesterday.

    It’s raining and nasty all weekend in my area. We’ve had a wet, warm, winter. At least the drought situation is getting better. We may even be out of the drought now. That was pretty scary to not have rain and everything was dying and we had to ration water. I’m glad it’s correcting the situation.

    • That is good to hear that your drought situation is waning. The lack of snow up here this winter is going to be tough on area farmers, as last spring, summer and fall were very dry as well.

      Agreed about that lost hour of sleep!

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