Saturday Stuff

  • The following words are making it very difficult for me to find new pants for my 10 year old daughter: tight, pencil, low-cut, skinny, narrow, jegging, and low-ride. My daughter is very petite for her age, but regardless of any child’s size, I am disgusted at the revealing clothing being made for our children. I do not understand how parents can dress their children in this type of clothing.
  • 48°F here this morning and many trees are beginning to show signs of autumn colors.
  • Yesterday I was out of town for a meeting and had a vision scare. In 1994 I experienced a retina detachment, so when a spot and flashing lights showed up in my vision yesterday, I was very concerned. Fortunately it was an ocular migraine and later subsided.
  • I would love to be in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan this afternoon when for the first time ever a Big Ten school will be coming to town to play the Central Michigan University football team. Michigan State University will finally be coming to CMU after meeting the Chippewas eight times in East Lansing. The record in the series is MSU-5 and CMU-3.


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