Happy 11th Birthday!

A very special Happy Birthday to my daughter who turns 11 today. Always and forever she will be my little punkin head.



  1. Cindy, Jethro, Rugs, Oz and Harriet

    Look at that big smile! Happy Birthday Hannah! We wish you many, many more!!!

    • When people find out she’s 11, they always say to me “oh, developing that attitude and starting to think mom is an idiot” …. why do they assume that? My sweet girl is still sweet and diligent with her responsibilities and being helpful and kind. Just because people get hormones, it is accepted that those people become brats. I get tired of the assumption.

      Anyway, yes, she has always had a big happy smile. The other day we were talking about basset hounds and she talked about Chaps and Emma, then about those “Houston” basset hounds – she especially was talking about Rugs and how sweet he was when we visited.

  2. How precious! I love all that beautiful hair and her darling smile! Hope she had a wonderful birthday, and you all had fun celebrating!

  3. I just found your blog today. I have a beautiful little girl too. Her name is Caroline. She is 6 years old and was diagnosed with MERLD and now we are investing possible ADHD. I am worried sick about her future. How is Hannah communicating now? Caroline continues to keep making strides in her comprehension and her ability to explain herself but I am just so worried she isn’t going to get there. You are much further in your journey. Can you let me know – is it reasonable to expect Caroline to be able to communicate well enough to have normal relationships with her peers? I also read that you homeschooled. Doesn’t that work against the thought that being with her peers will help her develop better language skills? I would appreciate any guidance you can give. Also we live in Brooklyn, NY. Would you suggest that we make the trip to see Dr. Camarata in TN? We are of limited financial resources but would it make a big difference in helping our little girl?

    • Hi Rebekah – If you are not questioning the diagnosis of MERLD, I don’t think the expense of another eval with the Camaratas would be worth it. Homeschool does not work against developing better language skills – her father and I (and all of the other people in her life) are much better role models in communication.

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