What Browser Are You Using?

One of my readers notified me that OneMom.com was no longer opening in the Internet Explorer Browser, so I set out to see what the problem was. Well, much to my irritation, it appears to be inside the functioning of Explorer (all versions prior to 9). Unfortunately, as much of the world is still using Windows XP, they cannot upgrade beyond IE8.

So, I’ve made some changes to make Explorer able to handle my Blog, but a longterm solution will only come by switching browsers. My favorite is Mozilla Firefox, but I also like Google Chrome. I know others also really enjoy Opera.



  1. I use Chrome. I was using Firefox but started having problems with it so I switched.

  2. I have Windows xp(which I love) with ie8 on my desktop which I prefer using. I put firefox on & have no problem. My little netbook uses windows 7 with ie9. My computer guy told me exactly the same thing you said. He said even people with gmail have to have a newer windows version & ie 9. He said he didn’t like it either. If I run into anymore problems I will put google chrome on it. It is bitter here today. Expecting up to 12″ of snow. The winds howled so loud last night it sounded like a freight train. My little dog was actually spooked by it. Woke up to snow this morning & heavy snow coming tonight & Monday. Stay warm. 🙂

  3. Just stopping by to see if there is a Thursday Three today. Have a great day!!

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