Goodbye Nell-Dog 9/19/99 – 3/13/13

Nell 3.13.13 (1)Yesterday we took our 13 1/2 year old Sussex Spaniel (Nell) to the vet and found out she had cancer. She had to spend the night at the vet for a few procedures, but it was decided that we would keep her comfortable and enjoy time with her as long as she was not suffering. They took her out for two walks at the vet today and when they went to get her ready to go home, she was gone. Just went to sleep. I will miss our “chocolate dog” for the rest of my life. When she would look at me with her sweet face – it was always with such appreciation and love for being rescued from her previous “home”.

The Vet was wonderful. Gave us plenty of time. She had Nell wrapped in a warm, soft blankie, and she lit a candle.

Goodbye my sweet Nell-Dog. Thanks for coming to live with us. There are lots of friends ready to greet you at the rainbow bridge: Scooter, Max, Lolly, Mayor Chaps, Emma, and of course Rugs. It’s warm there, the grass is always green, and there’s plenty of snacks. I will miss you for always. Nell 3.13.13 (2)


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