Perfect Moments


  1. I love the photos. So cute!! How is Mabel doing? With the warmer temps is the snow melting?? We are suppose to have 80 degrees on Wednesday!! Then later in the week it is cooling off. The screens are in so we can open the windows. My daffodils are blooming & look so pretty. I love it when things start blooming even though my allergies act up some.

    • Hi Sandy – we still have some piles of snow around, but mostly it is gone. On Saturday in Munising they hit 71 degrees and had 21 inches of snow on the ground still. We did not get that warm due to Lake Michigan, but we did take the dogs for a walk on the boardwalk for the first time this year. They were tired pups when we got home. Looks like rain and 50s for us most of the week, but that’s better than we’ve had. Not much blooming here yet.

  2. Hi One Mom — I have been traveling and was unable to comment – now things are settling down — what a darling photo of your darling girl. and the doggies are too cute. That pup has an extra helping of cuteness. thanks for the smile – God bless, Susan

    • Hi Susan – yes Mabel is extra cute. She and Sophie are doing very well together. You’ve been “on the road” a lot this winter. Hope all is well with you.

      • Hi, yes – most of March I was traveling – in the U.S. to see some very dear long-time friends in Washington State, then up to Alaska to visit my family.

        Once back, 2 days later I went on vacation with my hubby. Good thing the old Lucky boy has a great place to stay (sort of like a doggy farm/holiday home up in the country) since he was there for quite a long visit 🙂 It’s good to be home now.

        hope all your snow is gone by now !

      • I’m sure Lucky is glad you’re home! Still piles of snow around, but we’re making progress getting rid of it (now there’s flooding).

  3. Cindy, Jethro, Rugs, Oz and Harriet

    look how big Mabel is getting! Such cute pics. Love them both. I needed that today. Thanks for posting.

    • Hi Cindy – yes Mabel is growing quickly. She is doing so well. I love the picture of Hannah, LuLu, and Sophie … glad it brightened your day. 🙂

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