Friday Flyer

Friday Flyer

  • Been awhile.
  • Politics. Anymore, I cannot think of one politician that I believe or trust. I am tired of them and tired of the media on the left and the right. True journalism has died where we are given the facts and nothing else.
  • Speaking of journalists and the media, it seems there is no longer any need to verify sources of information or credit for photographs. I’m not just talking about average people who do this (much to my disappointment) on Facebook and blogs, but media outlets that do the same thing. Integrity is hard to find.
  •  Our windchill was 40 below zero earlier this week. That certainly wakes you up in the morning, and the dogs don’t linger on their trip outside.
  • Speaking of dogs, there is a breed rescue here in Michigan that is run by a person that also breeds dogs and sells puppies (same breed she rescues). I  contacted the National rescue with my concern, and they never replied to me and since she continues to “rescue” and to breed, it’s obvious they did nothing. It would seem to me that a person that runs a 501c3 breed rescue should not be producing more of the same dog for profit.
  • Words. It appears to me that the use, or even attempted use at proper spelling and grammar in the general population is coming to an end.  Words have the potential to carry us away to exotic places, or move us to tears of sadness or happiness, or to wrap us in comfort and solace during trying times. Unfortunately today, words get no respect.  I mean really, it is so much trouble having there, their, and they’re, let’s just use one and let the people figure out which one we mean. (sarcasm in case you missed it).
  • Winter started before Thanksgiving here in the UP of Michigan and has not giving us a break since then. Tons of snow and temperatures that have not been this low in decades. This morning it is actually 26 degrees outside, but with the warmer temperature brings a new winter advisory for our area of several inches of snow and freezing rain. Spring will come, it always does.

Be well. Be warm.


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